Friday, December 19, 2014


My self portrait so far was the hardest thing I've attempted to draw. Choosing which picture to draw from my camera roll wasn't hard but actually trying to draw it was. It was difficult to get my face to actually look remotely close to its actual form. Another thing was I couldn't decide what to do with the background, I wanted a background to give the portrait balance but nothing solid that'll take way from my face. Then I began to think patterns because they can be easily disguised but in the end I decided to leave it clear which doesn't add to the picture but it also doesn't take away from it.  


My still life assignment wasn't that hard until I tried to recreate what id made in my sketch book. I wanted the balance of the two object to be just right but I couldn't really figure out how... I didn't want the color to take away from the actual still life but I still wanted the two to work in unity. Although the finish piece didn't turn out as good as the sketch book design, in my opinion it didn't turn out bad.... Although I Could've done the  dimensions better and took my time.

One man's trash is another man's treasure

I created a skirt made from recycled caprisuns, and named it juicy Gar-Bargè. Juicy Gar-Bargè was an intesting pice to create, although I didn't put much thought into a 'color scheme' for this piece it still turned out great! The rectangular shape of the caprisun helped bring the pelted skirt look all together. Figuring out how to create a skirt that would actually fit someone was a huge problem i had. There were only about 40 caprisuns and I was sure it wouldn't work but I did, all I had to do was cut the caprisuns in half(which basically double how many caprisuns I had to work with). Another problem I ran into was how I was gonna get them to all stay together, taped worked just fine but  I soon realized that if I wanted my skirt to be stredy the tape had to cover the WHOLE thing. Now that my skirt was covers in tape its a little stiff, but other than that it's perfect :)


The box I created represents how when people that don't know me write me off as just another ordinary person....When in reality I'm filled with more joy and wonder than they'll ever know. When creating this box I had trouble finding things around the house to represent ordinary, until I finally decided that there's nothing more ordinarly boring than a grocery store catalog. My next problem was trying to find something to symbolize the true me using things found in my house(I wanted to use household items to show that I'm a very homely as of comfortable person)

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

I Am Poem

i am anxious and i am me
i wonder why we cant see our eyes
i hear the future calling my name
i see our moon falling to earth
i want to find the cure for cancer
i am anxious and i am me
i pretend that life isn't has bad as it seems
i feel that happiness is only real when you share it
i touch my dreams as they fly further and further away
i worry that i've made to many mistakes to succeed in the future
i cry when i see the ones i love hurt
i am anxious and i am me
i understand that we only have one life to live
i say the world isn't what it looks to be
i dream of helping the 'helpless'
i try to be the best i can be
i hope my life will change for the better
i am anxious and i am me